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Tution Fee Grant : Ph.D Candidate for Islamic Studies 
This project is about understanding and appreciation of the science of Tasawwuf(Sufism) by both Muslims and non-Muslims alike. The Work that we plan to do will consist of exploring several renowned Sufi leaders from various places in the Muslim world and from various Tariqas in Tasawwuf. It is intended to both shed some light on nearly forgotten beacons of light, knowledge and wisdom throughout the rich and colorful Muslim heritage and tradition and also to prove that the symbiosis between the legal Islamic practice of Sharia(Islamic law) and the practice of the Muslim masses presented in various Sufi ways or Tariqas always went hand in hand and this symbiosis and coexistence was embodied and personified in the character of many famous Muslim Sufi-scholars, such as Hassan Al-Basri, Imam Abu Hamid Al-Ghazzali and many others.

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