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Sufi Illuminations Journal:
Sufi Illuminations is a journal dedicated to the study of Islam and Sufism. It is published twice a year by the Naqshbandiya Foundation for Islamic Education (NFIE), a non-profit organization. Sufi Illuminations is an academic journal that seeks to publish scholarly work on all aspects of Islam and Sufism. The journal is interested in publishing work that use a multidisciplinary approach in Islamic studies, religious studies, comparative religion, mysticism, ritual, prayer, hermeneutics, comparative scriptural studies, history, intellectual thought, moral and contemporary philosophy, theology, sociology, copy, ethics, and epistemology. All articles to Sufi Illuminations will undergo blind peer reviews by multiple expert reviewers. The journal, seeks to encourage cross-cultural, interdisciplinary exchange of scholarly work and to encourage the interaction of academic from various traditions.
  1. Vincent J.Cornell: Asa Griggs Candler Professor(Ph.D,UCLA) of Middle East and Islamic Studies,Emory University,Atlanta,GA
  2. Rkia Elaroui Cornell: Senior Lecturer in Arabic,Department of Middle Eastren and South Asian Studies Emory University,Atlanta,GA
  3. Alan Godlas: Associate Professor(Ph.D,Berkely),Department of Religion,University of Georgia,Athens,GA
  4. Qamar-ul Huda: Senior Program Office(Ph.D,UCLA)r,Religion and Peacemaking,United States Institute of Peace,Washington,DC.
  5. Daniel Abd al-Hayy Moore : American Poet,Philadelphia,PA
  6. Abdal Hakim Murad(T.J.Winter) :University Lecturer in Islamic Studies,University of  cambridge,Faculty of Divinity,England
  7. Virginia Gray Henry-Blakemore-Director,Fons Vitae and Quinta Essentia(Interfaith publishing houses),Louisville,KY
  8. Arthur Buehler: Senior Lecturer(Ph.D,Harvard),Religious Studies,Victoria University,Wellington,NZ
  9. Necdet Tosun: Associate Professor,Marmara University-Faculty of Theology(Ilahiyat),Istanbul,Turkey
  10. Marcia Hermansen: Professor( Ph.D University of Chicago) of Theology,Loyola University,Chicago,IL.
  11. Omid Safi: Associate Professor of Islamic Studies(PhD Duke) ,University of North Carolina,Chapil Hill
  12. Hugh Talat Halman: Assistant Professor,Philosophy and Religion(Ph.D,Duke)Central Michigan University
  1. Manuscripts should be typed and double-spaced.
  2. Notes referred to in the text should be typed in the same font size and numbered.
  3. One copy of the manuscript should be sent via email.
  4. It is assumed that the manuscripts submitted to SUFI ILLUMINATIONS are not under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  5. Contributors and editorial correspondence should be sent to the following TO: redzic76@msn.com


A Title page should be prepared carrying the following.
  1. Title of the article
  2. Author's full name
  3. Institutional affiliation
  4. Mailing address
  5. Original drawings should be submitted in a form ready for printing.
  6. Each illustration should bear a number, author's name, and the title of the paper.
  7. Tables should be clear and comprehensible.
  8. Ay other related information

A Title page should be prepared carrying the following.
  1. Loanwords accepted in English usage should be spelled in accordance with the standard dictionaries.
  2. Other foreign words must conform to the transliteration system outlined in the journal.


  1. References should be numbered consecutively.
  2. All citations should follow the Chicago Manual of Style.
  3. The use of op cit is to be avoided.
  4. Quoted material should have a full location reference.
  1. All Quran citations are to be numerical (i.e., Q 2:125 for surah 2, verse 125) and should be keyed to the Egyptian standard edition.
  2. References to hadith reports in one of the texts indexed by A.J. Wensinck (6 books plus Muwatta and Darimi) should be cited in the numerical stylehe adopts (i.e., Bukhari 1:125 for Sahih Bukhari, section 1, hadith 125 in
    that section)
  3. References to hadith reports from Ahmad b. Hanbal may be to the volume and page number of the edition used by Wensinck or another version.
  4. Whenever possible, citations should indicate section and hadith number in addition to volume and page number for easier access in the case of multiple editions.
  5. References to Quran commentaries should cite the Quran reference in addition to the volume and page number (i.e., Ibn Kathir, Tafsir al-Quran al-Azim, on Q 2:125, 1:403
Publication of material in the journal means that the author assigns copyright to SUFI ILLUMINATIONS including the rights to electronic publishing.  This is to ensure the efficient handling of requests from third parties to reproduce articles as well as to enable wide dissemination of the published material.  Authors, may, however, use their material in other publication acknowledging SUFI ILLUMINATIONS as the original place of publication. 
Editorial correspondence should be addressed to:
Imam Muaz Redzic (Chief Editor) MuazRedzic@nfie.com
and Ahmed Mirza MD, (Secretary) info@nfie.com
NFIE P.O Box 2978,
Gilbert, AZ 85299
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