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Editorial Board includes:  -----------------------CONTENTS(VOL-1&VOL-2)-----------------------------------
---------------------------- EDITOR.DR. BUEHLE
-------Editor's Introduction
-------Naqshbandiya Foundation for Islamic Education:Ahmed H.Mirza M.D
-------The Birthday of the Prophet:Milad an-Nabi.Ahmed H.Mirza M.D.
-------The Muhammadan Path&the Naqshbandi Sufis of Indo-Pakistani -------Subcontinent:Arthur F.Buehler,Ph.D
-------Allama Muhammad Iqbal&the Love of the Prophet:Marcia Hermansen.
-------Psychology&Self-Transformation in the Sufi Quran:A.A.Godlas,Ph.D.
-------A Commentary on "What is Tasawwuf?".A.A.Godlas,Ph.D.
-------Id of Ids:The Supreme Festival:Muhammad Masud Ahmad,Ph.D.
-------The Naqshbandi Lineage of Shaykh Masum -------Naqshbandi:A.A.GodlasPh.D
-------Milad Speach:Justice Bahauddin Baha
-------Song of the Soul:Abd al-Hayy Moore
-------Guidance for Travelers on the Path to God:Shaykh Masum Naqshbandi
-------Celebration of the Birthday of the Prophet:Shaykh Masum Naqshbandi
-------Manifestations of the Shadowless Presence:Abdullah Nur al-Din Durkee

SUFI  ILLUMINATIONS:AJournal Devoted to the Study of Islam&Sufism:VOL.3 NO.1 Spring 2002        
EDITOR:Qamar-ul Huda Boston Colleg

Arthur F.Buehler. Lousiana State University      
Marcia Hermansen.Loyola  University
Vincent Cornell. Arkansas State University
Alan Godlas. University of Georgia
Talat Halman. Arkansas State University
Omid Safi. Colgate Universty
Ahmed H.Mirza M.D. NFIE,Gilbert,AZ
Shaykh Mohammad Masum Naqshbandi.Advisor NFIE,Gilbert,AZ

Editor's Note:Qamar-ul Huda

-Sufi Views of the Hajj&Islamic Rituals.Muhammad Khalid Masud.Academic
-Revisiting Wine&Goblet in South Asian Martyrdom&Mysticism. Syed Akbar Hyder.Assistant Professor,Dept. of Asian Studies,University of Texas at Austin
-The Existential Relevance of Religious Thought in Modern Social Philosophy.Syed Javad Ph.D.Candidate University of Bristol


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